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Team Rubicon Service Project

Team Rubicon members

Service Project for a Korean War Veteran

Since June 20th, Monadnock Strong of Peterborough has worked very hard to help a Korean War Veteran with a handicap ramp. Boys Scouts, Girls Scouts, VFW, Legion, local Hockey Team, Home Depot, local contractors and Team Rubicon came together to build this ramp. As an active member of Team Rubicon (Disaster Relief Organization), we took on the task to help this veteran.

I was honored when asked by Team Rubicon to be the lead point of contact for Team Rubicon and help with the project. I've been involved with this project for almost 3 months, and being able to help a fellow veteran has been an inspiration. I continue to visit this veteran, at least once a week, and help around the yard and finish the final stages of the project.

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