About Eli Rivera

I moved to Keene, NH in 1989 and made it my adopted home. I am a retired Keene Police Lieutenant, and after retiring, I was elected High Sheriff of Cheshire County in 2012 currently serving my fourth term, also being the first democratic Sheriff elected in Cheshire County since 1879.

Aside from my law enforcement career, I served as a Commissioner for the New Hampshire Department of Education – Higher Education Commission, the Keene, NH School Board, and was appointed by Governor Sununu in 2017 to the Governor’s Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion. 

During my off time, I enjoy reading, volunteering with Team Rubicon a national disaster response organization, gardening, traveling, beekeeping, and whatever else comes my way. 

State of the Race

​I launched my campaign for reelection for a 5th term as High Sheriff of Cheshire County based on my commitment to serve the people of Cheshire County with integrity, compassion, and dignity. 

I will continue to push and advocate for the equal treatment of every person, regardless of where they are in life's journey.  I will continue my work towards criminal justice reform, equality for all, immigration, the safety of our community, with integrity and compassion, as I have done for many years. I will also focus on our sense of purpose, belonging, and reviving the passion for public service. 

As I launch my reelection campaign, it goes without saying how difficult 2020 has been.  COVID-19, protests, riots, wildfires, social distancing, the wearing of masks, our lives have been turned upside down.  We are at a turning point, whether it's addressing systemic racism in law enforcement, the push for the wearing body cameras, and creating police oversight commissions, the way we police will change, and I am ready for this new chapter.  I've enjoyed and loved my career and all the good things that have happened during it.  But, I am not blind to the current climate towards police, as Sheriff, I will continue to make sure that policies that mandate a Duty to Intervene, does not tolerate biases or racism are enforced, and those who do not follow my vision within my office are held accountable.

I will continue to run a positive campaign and protect the integrity of the Office of the High Sheriff, and not engage in attacks, smear campaigns, or political negativeness, but instead will run on the work I have done and will continue to do, and my accomplishments over the past 7 plus years.

I ask for your support on November 3, 2020.  

Thank you


I hear you

My Op-ed published in the Keene Sentinel on June 9, 2020. We live in a world where the actions of police officers have shattered the respect for law enforcement. Many of us grew up wanting to be a police officer to serve, protect, and help others. Now it seems we need to protect ourselves from their actions. The actions from the ones that join the ranks for the wrong reasons, who stray away from the oath they took, who walk around feeling as if they are above others, crossed the line between good and evil, and the organizations and leaders that allowed it to happen. Some will argue that George Floyd was resisting arrest and not complying with police orders. To them, I ask, was he resisting

It's re-election time

Time flies when you are having fun, working hard to serve the people of Cheshire County, and being part of this amazing community I live, work, and love. It's official on September 3, 2020, I filed my Declaration of Candidacy for Sheriff of Cheshire County. Running for a 5th term. I have heard loud and clear the message you are shouting. We need to ensure that racial bias, whether it's implicit, explicit or unconscious, systemic, and hatred are not tolerated in our community. We live in a wonderful and supportive community that is accepting of everyone no matter where they are in life's journey. We need to hear your message. I heard your message and I will stand with you, even in the middle

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