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March 21, 2020


Visit the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention at for information and updates on the Novel Corona virus pandemic

We are in this together, we all need to do our part.

January 31, 2020


Whenever our nation has been faced with great challenges — even greater leaders have emerged. 
Just like our country took a chance on a young Senator from Illinois in 2007 named Barack Obama who carried with him a message of hope and change that inspired us all, we h...

November 20, 2019


On October 30, 2019, I was honored to introduce Pete Buttigieg to a amazing crowd of supporters at the New Hampshire State House in Concord.  Pete had just filed is candidacy for President with the New Hampshire Secretary of State.  

My introduction:

Welcome, e...

September 23, 2019


As the head to the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office, I know that voters will always hold me most accountable for public safety. That’s a key reason why I’m among more than 1,200 sheriffs, police chiefs and prosecutors who’ve signed a letter urging Congress to support p...

July 23, 2019


Update: December 5, 2019.  Sadly we are at 212 reported death by suicide.  We need to celebrate how they lived and eliminate the stigma associated with suicide.  I continue to run for my own wellness, and to remind me to stay focus and honor those that suffered alone....

May 2, 2019


If you are not familiar with BLUE H.E.L.P. I encourage you to visit their website at, their mission (copied from their website):

"It is the mission of Blue H.E.L.P. to reduce mental health stigma through education, advocate for benefits for those suffer...

January 3, 2019


One hundred and fifty-eight police officers took their own lives in 2018. Why is this happening?  What drives a police officer to commit such an act? I will never know.  As Sheriff, I need to make sure the well being of my deputies and staff becomes my priority and tha...

October 30, 2018


Statement of Solidarity

In a country so powerful and rich, yet we still find hate, violence, antisemitism and darkness among us.

We must stand in solidarity with the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh , PA and not allow fear to dictate how we go about our day, not allo...

June 11, 2017


Welcome to the Cheshire County Sheriff's Office Deputy K9.  Deputy K9 will be responsible for visiting schools, camps and events throughout Cheshire County and interacting with children of all ages.

Deputy K9, our bloodhound mascot. arrived at the Sheriff's Office...

May 18, 2017


This week we honor the life's of the men and women in law enforcement who lost there life's in the performance of there duty.  You will always be remembered. Rest in piece, we have the watch.  

Cheshire County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Trevor Croteau and D...