Rivera for Sheriff


 Thank you for all your support and confidence in me as your Sheriff and re-electing me for a second term so that I can continue to work and service the great people of Cheshire County.

During my first term, I was able to use my law enforcement experience and my commitment to the people of Cheshire County to bring the Sheriff's Office inline with current practices, technology and community engagement.  We were able to provide our deputies with additional safety tools, reviewed our civil service fee structure and strengthened our working relationship with County Officials.

One thing that I am truly excited about was the ability, as Sheriff,  to engage with local organizations and establish partnerships to address issues within our community.

Some of the accomplishments during my first term include:

Deputy/Court Security Officer Safety;

  • The mandatory use of bullet proof vest by every deputy in uniform.

  • The requirement to call in the location where deputies are serving papers or attempting to locate a wanted person.

  • The issuance of rifle ballistic armor vests, as additional protection for high risk situations.

  • The issuance of First Aid Trauma Kits.

  • The issuance of proper identification credentials.

  • The installation of a video monitoring system and the tinting of windows for our prisoner transportation van.

  • Court Security Officer firearm upgrade

  • Ballistic vest for Transport Court Security Officer

  • Provided ballistic vest for high profile cases at the Cheshire County Court House

  • Upgraded our firearms program


  • Partnered with Monadnock Alcohol and Drug Abuse Coalition

  • Partnered with Connecticut Valley Crime Stoppers

  • Partnered with Healthy Monadnock 2020

  • Partnered with Project SEARCH, Cheshire Medical Center

  • Partnered with Safe and Drug Free Schools Coalition

  • Participation in the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

  • Participation in National Night Out events

  • Mentorship for Franklin Pierce University students

  • Participation with New Hampshire Special Olympics

  • Participation with Monadnock Regional and Keene High School Project Graduations.

  • Partnered with Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention and Hopeline Foundation.


  • My experience with the Records Management Software used at the Sheriff's Office has allowed us to increase the use of the software's capabilities from @ 40% to over 75%

  • Increase security of the Sheriff's Office by adding additional monitors and cameras.

  • Reviewing the use of  Tablets with the expectation they may replace laptops in our cruisers, a tablet is approximately $600 compared to a heavy duty police laptop at about $3500.

  • Procured a grant to update our Records Management System infrastructure with redundancy back up and added two new components; mapping and paging.  The mapping component will allow a communications specialist to visually see the locations of active calls using Google Earth and the paging component will allow our communications specialist to call a person, a group, make emergency notifications, etc... expediently.


  • Increased revenue in 2013 by reviewing current practices, police service contracts and adjusting our civil service fee to reflect actual costs.

  •  2014 budget was approved in a coordinated effort with the county administration to allow critical needs, potential liability concerns, potential growth and desperately needed technology upgrades to be addressed.


  • Assisted in the move of the Keene Circuit Court and the Cheshire County Superior Court to a new building.

  • Strengthened our working relationship with the Cheshire County Department of Corrections

  • Strengthened our working relationship with the NH Department of Children, Youth and Family and the Cheshire County Attorney's Office in the enforcement and prosecution of criminal child support violators.

  • Future relocation of the Sheriff's Office from the basement of the Old Court House to the main floor.

  • Aggressive approach to improving our communications infrastructure to ensure the safety of our law enforcement officers and our community, by partnering and working with local, state and federal officials to address "dead spots" due to Cheshire County's terrain.

  • Secured funds from Vermont Yankee to allow for needed upgrades at some of our radio communication sites and adding additional sites to maximize coverage.

  • Improved our Evidence Management System

Sheriff Eli Rivera



Eli Rivera, Sheriff

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